English Cocker Spaniel Selection and Breeding

Welcome To The Magnificent World Of The English Cocker Spaniel

Breeding and selecting Rough Collies since 2008, our passion for the English Cocker Spaniel started after knowing the breed through a black female bitch named Mara that was rescued in Romania Bucharest. She sudenly died at age of 4 years old and we were so devasted that we had to have another Cocker.

With the new black bitch puppie we started to know more about the breed and her working capabilities amazed us so much that we had to have another cocker, and so our dedication to the breed was growing and improving.

We have all the pleasure to present you the English Cocker Spaniel with nice character and quality at all exotic/rare colors.

As a professional cinotechnic studing canine behaviour at the Portuguese Army i learn how to breed for work and temperament, looking forward for quality and not numbers.

We brought excelent quality dogs from Hungary with the objective to breed foccusing in the standard but with dedication to the solid and rare colors.

As there were no breeders of solid Cockers in Portugal we decided to take the difficult task reintroduce them back to our country.

We invite you for a visit at our webpage, to meet our work and our passion, the cockers, not only at the show ring but also at the field developing what they're born to do, working in the fields with strenght and courage.

We hope you enjoy the visit so you can return as much as you want, you will be always welcome.